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■days I sold the lot to the rail●way surveyors and caravans for ●89 about thirty rupees a load, w●hich made me highly satisfied with the resul●t of my first venture among the Kikuyu●. It was on this journey that I first saw the ●native me

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thod of starting a fire by means of t■he “fire-stick,” though subsequently I ●found it very useful on many occasi■ons when, owing to the dampness during the■ rainy season, my matches would not light satisf■a

  • his people would be my frie●nds, but they did not m
  • ean to have any● strangers. I explained t
  • hat though my friends■ were coming along the caravan road th■e
  • y had no intention or desire to enter the co■untr
  • y. This explanation seem●ed to sati
  • sfy them, and I told them tha■t I would not decide at once about st



ctorily. The fire-stick itself is a piece of ●hard wood, about eighteen inches in length, o●f the thickness of a lead pen●cil and pointed, and is carried in the q■uiver with the arrows. The method■ of using it d

iffers somewhat from that practise■d by certain tribes who are accustomed to use■ a sort of mandril in connexion with it. The■ Kikuyu always carry, as

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  • 鰕 bark fibre, always carried by the o●wner of the drill. The little bundle■ is then taken between the hands and gently● blown up until it shows signs of blaz●ing, when it is placed in the middle of a li●ttle heap of dried 90 twigs and● leaves whi

    鈥John Doe, ABC Company
  • ch has been prepared in■ readiness. A little careful manipulation s■oon produces a blaze. I was a●lso able to purchase a large qu●antity of trade goods, beads, cloth, &c.,■ from Arab traders going up to Ugan■da, and sent to Karuri for mo■re natives

    鈥Jason Clark, ABC Company
  • to carry my purch●ases back to Kikuyu, where, on my return, I ●paid them for their services i■n cloth, which seemed to make them stil●l more anxious for me to remain amo■ng them. Having finally announc

    鈥Mike, ABC Company
駉me back and talk matters over wit■h them. They then a
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